Frequently Asked Questions

Qt. If we happen to return home from our vacation earlier than expected, due to something beyond our control like poor weather or a change in our flight itinerary, can we pick up our dog early?

Answer: Once you have dropped off your dog and signed your commitment form, you are financially responsible for your entire reservation period. If you still wish to pick up your dog early, you need to speak directly with one of the owners (not just leaving a voice message) to make sure that someone will be able to release your dog. Because we are a family-owned business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we like to take advantage of those times when when we don’t have any scheduled pick-ups or drop-offs.

Qt.  If we decide to extend our vacation after we have already left, can we call to extend our pet’s reservations? 

Answer: As long as you are able to speak directly with one of the owners to make sure that space is available, you can set up a new pick-up date & time without any additional fees.

Qt.  Do you only work 9-11 am or 5-6?

Answer: Absolutely not. Our workday generally starts at 6:30 am and often goes until 8:00 pm, depending on the amount of lodgers we have.  During these hours we are cleaning, feeding, supervising, and playing with our lodgers. We also may use this time to clean and maintain the premises, return phone calls, organize the following work day, and run business errands, if needed. We have set aside the hours of 9-11 am and 5-6 pm so that customers can drop-off or pick-up their pets, and we can give them our fullest attention possible.

Qt. Since you are closed on major holidays is someone taking care of the pets?

Answer: Most definitely, yes. Even though we are closed to the public, we still have a normal workday taking care of the pets.

Qt. It takes a great deal of work to prepare my pet’s meals? Is there an extra charge for you to prepare his meals the same way as I prepare them.

Answer: No. Just give us your instructions, and we will follow them.

Qt. My dog is aggressive toward other dogs. Can he still board at your facility?

Answer: As long as he is not aggressive toward us, your dog is welcome. We will make sure that he does not come into contact with any of the other dogs and plays by himself in the dog park.

Qt. I’m on my way, and I am running a little past your hours. Can you wait for me, so I can pick up my pet? 

Answer: The longest that we can wait for free is 15 minutes, no exceptions.  You can imagine how many times these situations occur, so that is why we have had to implement this rule.  As soon as you know that you are going to not make it,  call to set up another pick-up date & time, or you can ask to see if After Hours Pick-up is available at an additional charge of $20.

Qt. Even though I have seen your online tours, can I still schedule a tour to see your facility in person?

Answer: Unfortunately, no.  Even though we are proud of our operation and want to show off our facility, it is our pledge that each animal we take in will have the most relaxed, stress-free, and enjoyable experience we are able to provide, and unfortunately, public tours only excite, stress-out, and/or cause the dogs to have anxiety.  Even the American Boarding Kennel Association confirms that “there is a key reason for establishing a ‘No Visitors’ Policy because the presence of strangers in a kennel can cause dogs to injure themselves or develop intestinal problems.” We want you to feel comfortable with your leaving your pet with us, so we will be glad to personally answer any questions or concerns you may have, and we can even give you a sneak peak of where your pet will be. Also, when you drop-off your pet, you will be relieved to see that how we look online is how we look in person; no unpleasant surprises. You are also free to call as many times as you like to check on your pet.

Qt. Since your home is located on the property, can I knock on your front door if no one is at the business?

Answer: Because our home is separate from our business, we need customers to respect our privacy and not show up at our home. If you show up at the business and no one is there, then you must have veered from your scheduled appointment time, and we plan our entire day based on that day’s pick-up & drop-off schedule.

Qt. My dogs need to be fed separately, but otherwise they get along well. Can they still share one kennel run?

Answer: The best that we can do is to place the bowls at opposite ends of the run, and if they both eat quickly, we can make sure that they both eat.  If they need to be separated into two kennel runs in order that they both eat, then you must reserve and pay for two runs. Our kennel fills up quickly, and we often don’t have an open run available to place a dog.

Qt. Can my dog get a bath before I pick him up?

Answer: When you drop off your dog, request an Exit Bath, and we will make sure that your dog is squeeky clean when you pick him up.  Baths runs between $8 and $20, depending a dog’s size and coat.

Qt. Once I make a reservation, can I make changes to it?

Answer:  Any changes which extend a reservation can be made anytime without any additional fees. However, for changes that shorten your reservation, you bill be charge a fee if you make those changes less than 5 days before your reservation and less than 30 days before a reservation during Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Year’s, & Spring Break.

Qt. Which vaccines does my dog need in order to board at your facility?

Answer:  Dogs need to have DHLPP, RABIES and BORDETELLA (kennel cough)

Qt. Which vaccines does my cat  need in order to board at your facility?

Answer:  Cats need to have FELINE LUKEMIA, RABIES and FVRCP

Qt. My pet is very old, and I am reluctant to giving him any additional vaccinations. Can he     still board without the Bordetella vaccine?

Answer: Yes. You would just have to sign a waiver releasing us from any liability should your dog happen to contract kennel cough while at our facility.

Qt. Do I need to bring in my shot records before I bring my pet in for boarding?

Answer: No, just bring them in the day of arrival. Other methods of getting them to us would be having your vet mail them to us at: 7887 Riverside Rd., Brooklyn, MI 49230, or they can email them to us at:  Unfortunately, our new phone system does not support faxing. 🙁




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