Boarding Contract for Cats

The following contract is standard for the kennel industry.  Please know that we take our job of caring for your pet(s) seriously and always put their safety first. As caregivers, we treat the pets at our resort as if they were our own and do our very best to care for them. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding any point in our contract.  To expedite your check-in, you can print the necessary paperwork, fill them out, and bring them with you when you drop-off your pet.   

This Contract is between Rocco’s Paws-N-Wiskers Resort (hereinafter called the “Kennel”) and the pet owner/representative whose name(s) appears below (hereinafter called the “Owner”). The term “pet” refers to all pets boarding with the same ownership.

Name of OWNER(S):     ________________________________________________________________

Please read carefully and initial each item. 

_____1. Owner specifically represents that he/she is the owner of the kenneled pet, or has been authorized by the Owner of the pet to enter into this Contract as the Owner’s agent.

_____2. Owner agrees to pay the boarding rate for all services prior to checkout. Owner is
aware that the Kennel only accepts payment by cash or check. Rates are subject to

_____3. Owner understands and agrees that pet shall not leave the Kennel until all charges
are paid. Owner is aware that if the date and/or time of pick up is extended without
prior approval of Kennel there will be an additional charge.

_____4. Owner understands that there is a nightly boarding fee charged on day of arrival
(regardless of check in time), and there is a full-day charge for the day of departure
if check out is between 5-6 pm. There is no daily charge for pick-ups between 9-11.

_____5. Owner understands that Kennel staff is not a veterinarian or registered veterinary
technician. Kennel does not board any pets with medical conditions other than those
stable with oral medication. Kennel operate is licensed in pet CPR.

_____6. Owner understands that extra charges will be added to bill for check in or check out
outside of the regular pick-up / drop-off hours. Kennel must approve said action in
advance of boarding and will advise Owner of the fee amount & terms at the time the
request is approved.

_____7. Owner understands that extra charges may be added to the bill at discretion of
management for special handling or treatment that is above and beyond routine care, i.e.
an unexpected bath, etc. Special handling is defined as services beyond our standard
boarding care due to behavior problems, excessive accidents, health issues, or other
unexpected care not anticipated at time of check in. Owner agrees to pay all such charges.

_____8. Owner understands that if Kennel has to supply food, there will be an additional charge per day per pet. Owner also understands that a change in food may result in diarrhea.

_____9. In the rare event of diarrhea, Owner is aware that Kennel uses Pepto-Bismol or pumpkin to help provide relief. Both are safe for animals and are recommended by veterinarians.

_____11. Owner understands that a No Show Fee will be charged if pet is not dropped-off or picked-up at the specified time & date reflected in the reservation. If the entire reservation is a No Show, Owner will be billed 50% of their reservation.

_____12. Owner understands that once the pet has been dropped off, owner is committed to paying for the entire reservation, regardless if owner ends up picking pet up early. Owner also understands that reservations can be extended only in case of advanced notice, kennel approval, and availability.

_____13. If the Owner is running late, owner is aware that the Kennel has a policy of waiting no more than 15 minutes for free without exceptions. Excessive late pick-ups or drop-offs
can result in Owner no longer being able to board at facility.

_____14. All pets entering Kennel must be clean and flea free. If upon inspection, this is not the case, a flea bath will be given at Owner’s expense.

_____15. Owner understands that very old pets may be sensitive to a change in environment and even though personal attention & care is given to all pets, this change in environment may be just enough to encourage an early passing.

_____16. Kennel shall exercise due and reasonable care for each pet while boarding. Under this reasonable care, Owner releases Kennel from, and waives all claims and liability against Kennel for or attributable to, injury or illness of pet. Owner agrees that Owner shall be solely responsible for any and all acts and behavior of said pet while it is in the care of Kennel. Owner will be charged Damage Fees for any damage caused by pet to kennel structure and/or kennel property.

_____17. Owner understands that female pets in season may not board at facility.

_____18. Owner represents that pet is healthy and has not been exposed to any known communicable disease within the thirty-day period immediately prior to boarding. Owner agrees to disclose to Kennel all known medical conditions and/or behavior problems, which may affect pet’s care prior to check in. Owner shall inform Kennel of any changes in pet’s condition and behavior at or prior to check in for all subsequent boarding stays.

_____19. Kennel specifically requires all pets be vaccinated against communicable diseases prior to boarding. Kennel reserves the right to refuse admittance to any pet that shows signs of illness or that does not meet Kennel vaccine requirements. Despite these precautions, Owner acknowledges that Owner’s pet will be in an environment with other pets during boarding, and understands that any pet may harbor and spread a communicable disease. Owner releases Kennel from, and waives all claims and liability against Kennel for, all losses, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or in connection with any communicable disease contracted by Owner’s pet during boarding.

_____20. Owner understands that if pet is not picked up within 14 calendar days after the day pet is scheduled for pick up, pet shall be deemed abandoned. Cascade Humane Society then has the right to place pet with a new owner. Owner shall remain liable for all boarding fees.

_____21. Owner releases Kennel from, and waives all claims and liability against Kennel for,  damage to, or loss of, personal equipment or belongings provided by Owner for pet while the pet is boarded. Items not taken home at check out will be donated if not picked up within 60 days of check out date.

_____22. Owner understands that Kennel reserves the right to refuse service due to pet’s behavior or health, excessive cancellations, no shows, or late arrivals, non-payment, or violations of said contract.

_____23. Owner understands that Kennel will do all it can to ensure that owner’s pet will have a safe and enjoyable boarding experience. Owner releases Kennel and its staff, and will hold Kennel and its staff harmless from any liability or loss attributable to death, injury, illness, or loss of pet or from any liability or loss from any acts or condition of pet, including without limitation, damage to property, persons, or animals. In no event shall liability of  Kennel or its staff, even for negligence, gross or otherwise, exceed $300, and Owner will hold Kennel and its staff harmless from any liability or loss in excess of this amount.

_____24. If owner’s pet is allowed to play with other pets, owner understands that it is not
without risk because some animals may bite or injure each other while playing. Owner waives and releases Kennel and its employees, from any and all liability of any nature, for any injury or damage which pet may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation to, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any pet.  If playtime is permitted by the owner, it is at the discretion of the Kennel as to which pets may play together based on observed temperaments by staff.

By signing below, Owner states that he or she has read and agrees to all of the terms listed in this boarding contract.

(Owner’s Printed Name)

(Owner’s Signature)                                                                                            (date)

(Kennel Representative)                                                                                     (date)

Rev. 8/2014


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